Purchasing a home can be one of the most stressful processes one can go through.  I am always learning new ways to make the process of moving easier for my clients....any suggestions??

This is one of the reasons I went out and got my Real Estate License in addition to my manufactured home license.  I saw a gap between what my clients were trying to sell and what they were trying to buy.  Many times I would try to contact my buyer's realtor to get an update on the progress of the sale of their conventional real estate home so that I could make the proper arrangements with their manufactured home escrow, so that their move-out date and move-in date would coincide.  Many, many times I would not get a return phone call, and I would find out only thhrough my client that the sale of their conventional home was delayed.  This vicous cycle would only casuse needless stress, and headache.  By having both J&R Mobile Homes and J&R Real Estate, I can now bridge the gap in the communication loop, making a much easier transaction for ALL of my clients

If you have any other real estate stories or any suggestions of how I can make your transaction easier, I'm all ears

Thank you,

-Rick Olson (Owner/Broker)